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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
Brazil enter the final after a straight-set victory over Cuba

The Brazilian team celebrates its semi-final victory

Cuba’s captain Yumilka Ruiz Laces: “It was a difficult match for us. We played well but missed so many opportunities.”


Brazil’s captain Fofão: “It was an incredible match. Brazil and Cuba both played well. We felt the pressure from Cuba throughout the match, but we finally managed to turn the game in the third set.”


Cuba’s head coach Felipe Calderon: “Both teams knew how important the match was, but we couldn’t keep focused. We lost our concentration and it’s difficult to win without that, especially against a strong side like Brazil, whose experienced players can stay focused for the whole match. The strong serving of the Brazilians also caused us problems.”


Brazil’s head coach José Roberto Guimaraes: “We expected a difficult game. Cuba started focused in the first set and stayed focused until the end of the second set. They took six points against us in the third and this changed our team. We started to respect them because they played so well. We were very lucky to be able to turn the game in the third set.


“We played at 100%. You need full concentration and you need to be totally aware of what’s going on to beat a team like Cuba.


“I would prefer to play Russia in the final because Italy played a spectacular match against China yesterday and they looked very strong.”