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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
China take 5th place, Japan 6th

Japan's Shuka Oyama spiking against China

Japan’s no. 14 Shuka Oyama: “When I came to Japan, I never thought I would end up playing Volleyball. Then, when I did start playing, I never thought I would play against China in the near future. Today I feel very lucky.”


Japan’s head coach Shoichi Yanagimoto: “We didn’t expect to play China today. As host country, we are looking forward to playing in the World Championships. Throughout our 2006 World Grand Prix campaign, we gained a lot of experience. We know what we have to do to improve and we will try to have a strong team for the World Championships. I am particularly happy with the team’s motivation here in Reggio Calabria.”


China’s captain Feng Kun: “After yesterday’s match, it was difficult for us today. There are still some errors that we need to correct.”


China’s head coach Chen Zhonghe: “Today we tried to emerge from the shadows of yesterday and looked to improve all round. All in all, the match was a success for us.


“I am disappointed overall. The team isn’t able to maintain a stable level at the moment and we are making too many mistakes. We didn’t pose enough of a threat to the other teams.”