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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
The hosts signal their comeback with a 3-0 victory over China

The Italian team stretching after their victory

China’s captain Kun Feng: “We didn’t show our full potential on serving or receiving”


Italy’s captain Simona Rinieri-Dennis: “It was an excellent match. We decided to forget yesterday’s match and we came out on to the court today solely with the will to win.”


China’s head coach Chen Zhonghe: “We were quite passive from the start and Italy played very well. They showed their true potential. We were not playing as a collective. As for tomorrow’s match [against Japan], Japan has made a lot of progress in the past few years. We will do our best against them.”


Italy’s head coach Marco Bonitta: “We have not been playing to our full potential for some time and today was a decisive moment in changing this. But now we have to forget this and consider the fact that we can’t call ourselves a strong side again until the competition is over.”