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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
Brazil coach says serve was crucial

Brazil's head coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes

Jose Roberto Guimaraes (Brazil, head coach): It is very important to participate in this tournament because we have played two Asian teams. Brazil has had problems with the speedy volleyball of Asian teams, and in the first set we were almost beaten by Japan's speed. But we served well at the end of the first set and that was crucial. It might have been a different story if we had not served well at that time.

Fofao (Brazil, captain): The tournament has been very well organised, like all tournaments in Japan, and all three games were close for us, so I am glad to win. For today's game I thought it would be difficult, because Japan has improved quite a lot recently. I think it was good entertainment for the spectators.

Mari Steinbrecher (Brazil): It was my first time to come to Japan with the national team, and my impression was that the competition was well organised and the people are polite. We played well in all three games, especially against Korea. It is always difficult to play Japan, so I am glad to win today.

Shoichi Yanagimoto (Japan, head coach): We lost 3-0 and that was because we could not take the points when we really had to. Brazil were hitting the ball into difficult areas to defend, so we have to practice on that. In these three days we have seen the problems clearly that we must overcome.

Yoshie Takeshita (Japan, captain): Today it was 3-0 and that is a miserable result. We must stop losing so many points consecutively. The match against Cuba was good so we need to change our mind-set for the next round in Korea.

Miyuki Takahashi: Today we could not receive their serve well and we could not attack effectively. We have to watch the blockers more closely before we attack. Today we could see our team's good points and bad points.