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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
Brazil win again, but Japan put up a valiant defence

Brazil's captain Fofao

Japan’s captain Yoshie Takeshita: “We played well in the first set, but after the second set Brazil got off to a fantastic start with good serves and blocking. Unfortunately, we were unable to respond. We often made consecutive errors and allowed Brazil to pull away. As soon as the gap started to widen, we lost our concentration.”


Brazil’s captain Fofão: “We lost our concentration in the first set and allowed Japan to set the rhythm. But we managed to dominate the game once we had regained our concentration. On days like today, when we don’t play very well, we always want to play better the next day, so we will be ready for the semi-final.


“This is an important time for Japan and I have a lot of respect for the team. We did beat them twice in Japan, but this doesn’t mean anything. They always seem to find something new to show us.”

Japan’s head coach Shoichi Yanagimoto: “At the beginning of the match, our combination volleyball worked very well, but afterwards we lost our rhythm. Nevertheless, we gained a lot of experience today.”


Brazil’s head coach José Roberto Guimaraes: “It’s always difficult for us to play Japan. We have to adapt to their speed and their defence. It has been like that for a number of years already. We lost on 11 counter-attacks in the first set and on 30 for the match as a whole. That’s a lot. I wasn’t happy with the team’s performance today.


Japan have developed a lot. Their attack today was a lot better than it was when we played against them in Japan.”