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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
Cubans learn from experience

Korea's head coach Kim Myeong-Soo makes his feelings clear

Felipe Calderon (Cuba, head coach): We have not made a good start so far. In the first two days we played against Japan and Brazil, both strong teams. Losing to Japan was good experience and we were able to unite as a team. Korean teams are always well organised and make good combination play, but we made some strong serves and did not allow them to make their good combinations.

Daimi Ramirez (Cuba, game captain): All three games have been difficult because our rivals were in good condition. Today we played with a good service and attacking, and that is why we won.

Kim Myeong-Soo (Korea, head coach): The Korean team has many young players and they made many mistakes, but today Cuba also had many mistakes so I thought we had a possibility to win this game. We are disappointed we couldn't.

Kim Sa-Nee (Korea, captain): We did not have enough preparation time for this tournament, and that is why we lost. It was good that we were able to play in front of such a big audience.