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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
Japan coach not completely satisfied

Kana Oyama rises for Japan

Shoichi Yanagimoto (Japan, head coach): We won the game but I am not completely satisfied. I am focused on the content of the game, not just the result, so we will have to develop as a team and play at a more consistent tempo.

Yoshie Takeshita (Japan, captain): It was good that we won 3-0, but we could not play as we should have. Tomorrow we will pull ourselves together and play well.

Mari Ochiai (Japan): I was nervous at the start but after I scored one point I was able to play well. I will do my best tomorrow.

Miyuki Takahashi (Japan): We started well but my feet did not move as they should have. We could not get our own rhythm and had to play at the pace of the Koreans.

Kim Myeong-Soo (Korea, head coach): I am not satisfied with today's game, but I want to praise the players for playing so hard.

Kim Sa-Nee (Korea, captain): Considering the fact that I was a little bit nervous, we were able to play a good game. Even though we lost, we played better than we thought we would, and with further training I hope we can get better results.

Hwang Youn-Joo (Korea): Our training camp as a national team was short, and there are still many aspects to improve, but the content of our game is getting gradually better. With more practice we will improve as a team.