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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference


Korea celebrates



Head coach: I am not satisfied with line judges. I have no further comment on the match.




Head coach: The today’s victory if meaningful for us since it was the first winning in 2006 world grand prix. And I am happy that the team won the match in the home ground after many regrettable lost sets in the last two weeks. The main factor for today’s win was our niche blocking attacking strategy. Low and quick toss work by the setter enabled the team a better play. As a counter plot for Poland, the team with the height, we practiced a lot on various blocking patterns and it did work for today. Though all players did really well, I would like to show my great thanks to No. 5 La Hea Won and No.4 Kim, Sa Nee.


Captain: I am happy that we won. And this is really meaningful to our team since the victory will help the team to be more confident in the future matches. I tried to give many attack chances to No.5 La, Hea Won and No.12 Han, Song Yi who were in good condition today.


No.12 Han, Song Yi : I did what I could do for the match and I am pretty happy with the result, today. Since the matches take place in many different cities. I feel pretty tired and psychological pressure from the successive failure matches was pretty huge. Yet, we are here with the first victory and I and happy about it.


No.5 La, Hea Won: I did not have chance to show what I have got until today. But the coach gave me a chance today and I am happy that I had that chance works for today.


No. 18 Bae, Yoo Na : Our strategy for niche blocking attacks successfully worked and I am happy with that. I would like to say thank you to all other team players and coaching staffs.