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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference


Japna Kimura Saori attacking


Head coach: Today, our team focused on serve and receive for the game and that added great reason for the victory for the game. The captain greatly led the team with stable serve. I hope that the team will do as good as today for tomrrows match.

captain: I am happy that we won the match. We will also do good for tomorrow match.


Head coach: In general, the team could not make pre-made combinations for the game and also blocking was not great as they did in practice. Tomorrow. for the match against Poland, we will focus on blocking and will try our best for less misses for defense. I hope that players will have better set-play for next game. By taking part in the world grand prix, our young players can have more experiences with world level teams for coming 2006 Doha Asian game.

Captain: I am sorry that we lost our home-match. We had too many miss communication during the match and we need work hard to make up for those mistakes. We will work harder for the future matches and will show better play in the future.