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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference


Poland Podolec Anna(6) attempts to block Russia's Safronova Natalia.



Head coach: The main reason for the lost is too many misses during the game. In general, the team showed weak defense skill. Especially, the first and fifth set were badly conducted with too many mistakes. Russia teams players were taller than our players in general and that height difference give Russia opportunities for various attack patterns, which was not easy for our team to have. If one asked our team the reason for big score differences for the lost sets, it is very complicated one to answer.


Captain: We made pretty good serves in the second and fourth set. In general, the team seemed to be on the track. However, we just made too many mistakes. Russia, on the other hand, showed great balance for stable serve and various attack patterns. We did not have counterplot for those varieties.



Head coach: I guess that both team had some problems in attack skills for the game. In order for our team to be better in the world level matches, the team need to be trained hard especially in the part of attack. Also, the team needs to be more confident about their ability for each game without making misses.


Captain: We could have been better but the team made too many mistakes and I feel sorry for that though we won the match. I will do my best for better play in the future.