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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
Yanagimoto says first set was crucial

Shoichi Yanagimoto (Japan, head coach): We managed to overcome what was not going well in practice, and this led to our victory today. The first set was very close but we were able to win it, and that resulted in a much better performance in the second and third sets.

Yoshie Takeshita (Japan, captain): This was the first game so we wanted to play with power, and the performance was the result of keeping focused for the whole game.

Erika Araki: It was the first time for me to be a starting member so I was a little nervous, but the setting of Takeshita-san gave me the chance to hit some spikes. I will try to play at the same level in the next game.

Felipe Calderon (Cuba, head coach): Japan played very well and our concentration did not last throughout the game. It was our poor reception that brought Japan's fine plays and victory.

Yumillka Ruiz (Cuba, captain): It was a good game for Japan. They made use of our weak points and the things that were not working well for us today.