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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
China beat Russia 3-0

The Russian team during a time-out session

China beat Russia 3-0 (25-15, 25-23, 25-21)


China Head Coach (Chen Zhonghe)

“We had sufficient preparation for today’s game. Our team players were full of enthusiasm and they did very well, especially in serving and attacking. They had improved a lot in defence too.”


“We missed some points for we had made some mistakes that we should not have made.”


“We want our players to gain confidence and experience in competitions.”


“As a young player, the performance of Wang Yimei was good. She did better in the last two days. She is good in attacking, yet she still needs more experience.”


“Russia has a lot of tall players, we had to adopt swift attacks when playing against Russia.”


“Brazil is stable, mature and all-rounded. The USA is mature too, and she has a number of Olympic players.”


China Team Captain (#2 Feng Kun)

“We were well prepared for today’s match.”


“We did very well in attacking and serving. Moreover, we had made improvements in our defence.”


“I am glad to be the Best Setter. Everyone in our team performed very well too.”


Russia Head Coach (Caprara Giovanni)

Congratulations to the China Team! They played very well. They dominated the game today. We have to work harder”


“It was not the tactics problems which led to our loss today.”


“We have to work on the techniques in order to defeat China in the coming World Championships in three months’ time.”


Russia Team Captain (#7 Natalia Safronova)

“The Chinese team played very good today. They were better prepared than us. We are quite disappointed by our performance in the third set.”