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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
Azerbaijan beat Thailand

Thailand bursting throgh the concrete defence of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan beat Thailand


Azerbaijan Head Coach (Faig Garyev)

“I am glad that we won today though it was a hard game.”


“Our team succeeded to catch up in the third and the remaining sets as they had got the right pace. Thailand played very well today too.”


“It is true that the physical strength of our players was weakened after the first two days. This is one of the factors that affected their performance today.”


“Experience is a key factor that led to our victory today.”


Azerbaijan Team Captain (#4 Oksana Guliyeva)

“We have learnt a lot from Thailand in today’s match. We do learn from different teams.”


“With the experience we’ve gained today, we hope to do better in the match against Thailand in Taiwan.”


Thailand Head Coach (Chanbunchee Suttichai)

“The performance of our team today was excellent. However, they made some mistakes in receiving in the third and forth sets.”


“If we had made improvements in serving, we might win the match today.”


“We need to work more on receiving and blocking.”


“Today’s match is the most satisfactory one. I would like to thank all players for their wonderful performance.”


Thailand Team Captain (#14 Patcharee Sangmuang)

“We had very good teamwork in the first and second sets.”


“We enjoyed the match a lot. We tried our best but Azerbaijan did even better. We are proud of ourselves and we also appreciate Azerbaijan very much.”


“If we did better in serving, we might have won the game.”