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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Match Description
Russia beats Thailand 3-1

Interaction between Russian players

Russia beats Thailand 3-1 (25-17, 25-15, 26-28, 25-19)


Thailand failed to burst through the challenge from Russia

In the beginning of the first set, the Thai girls were able to control the rhythm of the game and attacked aggressively. As a result, they took a three-point lead before the first technical timeout. The situation reversed after the break. Thailand was unable to break through the concrete defence of Russia, allowing the Russians to regain their form. The series of fast attacks by Russia gave no rest to Thailand. Russia finished the set at 25-17.


The Russians continued with their impressive form of attack and defence, and they were able to take the lead before the first technical time out. Because of the successive serving errors by Thailand, Russia was able to take control of the set and widen the lead to 22-12. Thailand tried to catch up with vigorous attacks, yet it was too late. Russia clinched the set at 25-15.


Under the pressure of losing two sets, Thailand tried to roar back against the Russians with powerful attacks and solid defence. The unprompted mistakes made by Russia gave an opportunity to Thailand to bounce back and score several points in a row. Thailand had put Russia under a tight position and Russia was forced to call a timeout. With the comeback of #5 Liubov Shashkova, the morale of Russia was boosted after the second technical timeout. Another timeout was requested by Russia when the score tied at 23-23. The Thai girls put all their efforts into the game while the Russians demonstrated tactful skills in spiking. Thailand finally won the hard-fought set with 28-26.


After losing one set, Russia regained the best composure and fought back. Russia dramatically stormed on their powerful hits to score. The fourth set became more thrilling, with both sides pouring everything they had. However, it was the Russian girls who played a better game to win the set 25-19.