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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Match Description
An exciting match between Japan and Russia, the victory was with Russia.

Gamova Ekaterina rises high for Russia

As the last match in Seoul, the game between Japan and Russia was really exciting. Compared to Japan with great defense skills, Russia is the team with the power and height. Yet, Japan could not block all the high attacks made by No.11 Gamova. Also, No. 5 Shashkovas power attack and appropriate receive penetrated Japans unbreakable defense. Japan, on the other hand, showed great defense skills with speed. As always, the setter was great. Unlike last two matches, Japan showed some misses during the game especially in the first and the second set. In the third set, Japan seemed to be on the track with seemingly stable defense against Russias high attacking power. Yet, the victory was once again with Russia with power and height. Both team were great today and gave spectators a joy of watching exciting volleyball.