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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Match Description
Korea beat Poland by 3:2

Poland Liktoras Maria attempts to block Korea's Kim Se-Young

 In the history of matches between Poland and Korea, Korea had won the match against Poland in 2005 world grand championship by 3:2. Compared to Poland who plays with height and power, Korea is the team with organizing power. One would have expected that the victory will be with the team that make less home misses reflecting on the result of last two matches. In the first set, Korea made more misses and Poland took the set by 25:23. In the second set, the tide reversed and Korea led the set by 15:5 and with the help of serve point by No.13 Jung,Dae Yong, Korea was able to take the set from Poland by 25:10. In the early of the third set, Korea seemed to be leading the set with No. 12 Han,Song Yiís great play. Yet, the flow reversed and Poland won the set as Polandís No.7 Glinka-Mogentale made strong successive strikes and Korea could not do anything but lost the set. In the fourth set, the set was not going easily for both teams until Korea teamís the youngest No.18 Bae, Yoo Na showed remarkable play, helping the team to lead the set by 16:11. Yet, the set result was unpredictable as two teams made turn-taking ups and downs. In the tie score of 21:21, Korea made another return to the track thanks to No.12 Han, Song Yiís serve point and successive serve points made by No.5 La, Hea Won. This took two teams back to the start point with set score of 2:2. In the fifth set, another serve miss was done by No.12 Han, Song Yi, giving the team nervous moment. However, the team was able to hold on to the track of the victory by having blocking point. This winning is meaningful for the team of Korea since this is the first winning after five successive lost in 2006 world grand prix matches.