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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Match Description
Japan did it again.

Korea Bae Yoo-Na attempts to block Japan''s Sugiyama Sachiko

Just like any other matcher between Korea and Japan, there is something about psychological tension, which has greater effect on the game more than techniques for the actual game. This game also expected to be one of those games. In the first set, Korea had good start for the set. Yet, the set was reversed by three continuous misses made by No.14 Hwang,Youn Joo, No.13 Jung,Dae young and No.12 Han, Song Yi. Moreover, Korea team had difficulty in dealing with Japans shift attacking made by No.9 Sugiyama, resulting in losing the set. In the second set, Korea had no one to blame but themselves for losing the set by making seven home misses. In the third set, Korea seemed to be doing better as they led the set by 7:4, but called the deuce due to No.18 Bae,Yoo Nas net touch. The team of Korea again lost the rhythm of the set and was overwhelmed by Japan No. 3 Takeshitas remarkable toss works. Even though Korea showed brighter future with young players including No.6 Kim,Su Ji and No.18 Bae, Yoo Na, they still were lack of experiences which was the main cause for them making too many misses during the game. The game between Korea and Japan is about who has better basic techniques. Compared to Japan who rarely made any miss, Korea was equipped with weaker basic techniques by making more than five misses for each set. Japan showed great stable work throughout the game, leading them to have complete victory against Korea.