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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Match Description
Long but exciting match between Russia and Poland, yet the victory was with Russia.

Russia Gamova Ekaterina(11) and Borodakova Maria(1) try to block Poland's Podolec Anna

Both Russia and Poland are the team with the power and height just like typical European style. It is the world grand prix which many countries try out their teams new generation players for coming 2008 Beijing Olympic game. In the games of yesterday, Russia won the game against Korea by 3:1 and Poland lost to Japan by 0:3 due to their too frequent misses. Since both team have similar play style, todays game was expected to be about making less misses in order to win the game. In the first set, Russia got the lead in the set with successive serve by No.11 Gamova and high attacking point. Poland lost the set by 16:25 although No.7 Glinka-Mogentale struggled throughout the set. In the early of the second set, it seemed that Poland was overwhelmed by No.11 Gamova and No.5 Shashkovas power attack. Yet as the set went, Polands defense was back on the track and finally turned the tide in the set. As the counterattack, Russias No.16 Merkulovas shift attack worked and called the deuce by 20:20. Powerful attack by Poland again led the game by 22:20 and then again Russia reversed the set with No.18 Akulovas serve ace. This exciting set was settled by Poland with serve ace by 30:28. The third set was with the team of Russia. However,iIn the fourth set, Poland, again, took the set from Russia, making the set score of 2:2. In the fifth set, Russia settled the long game of two hour and 4 miniutes with the help of No.5 Shashkovas serve ace which helped the team to lead the set. By winning the game against Poland, Russia team gave the joy of victory to the people who came to the stadium to support the team.