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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Match Description
Poland’s complete defeat against Japan

Japan's Kana Oyama attacking

 It was very exciting game between Japan with organized system and Poland with the height and power. For the team of Japan, No.9 Sugiyama Sachiko performed remarkably with her ability to lead the strategy for shift attack with No. 12 Kimura Saori and No. 2 Oyama Kara. Poland, on the other hand, lost the rhythm of the game as they made frequent home misses. No. 7 Glinka-Mogentale Malgorzata showed great attacking skill though it was not good enough to penetrate Japans receiving skill. Player No.3 of Japan, Takeshita Yoshie, was brilliant with her toss and that made Polands blocking unstable.

Also, No.5 Itabashi Megumi showed great one-two attack. In the 2nd set, Poland and Japan went by 24:24. yet Japans organized play won over Polands power and height.

In the 3rd set, Japans unique play style led the team to win todays game. One of the good points that Japan has is that three of the players including No.3, No.12 and No 5 can toss just like setter No.3 Takeshita Yoshie. It was too frequent misses which gave Poland nothing but lost against Japan.