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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Match Description
Russia beat Korea by 3:1

Russia's Merkulova Yulia spikes against Jung Dae-Young

This game showed obvious differences between Asia and Western countries in terms of their way of dealing with the game. Russia was too tall and strong for Korea to overcome. Especially, Russia played the game with the power and height that might be better than those of men players. No.5 Shashkova Lioubov was the ace of the team today and No.11 Gamova Ekateria and No. 16 Merkulova Yulia block Korea from getting the set with their height, which is over 2m. The team of Korea could not show their well-organized game to the people since they made only a little valid touch-out strategy without being able to overcome the height. Yet, Korea showed the possibility for the future with their young players including No. 18 Bae, Yoo na, a junior in high school. Also. No 14 Hwang, Youn-Joos back attack in the 2nd set was worth it. In the team of Russia, No.11s play was noticeable with her powerful back and front attack during the game. In the 3rd set, Korea was able to lead the set by 7:3 thanks to No.18s good play and this earn the team the set by 25:20 with the help of serve point.

Yet, the luck did not last with Korea team till the end of the game. In the early of the 4th set, Korea seemed to lead the set by two points difference, in the score of 6:6, the back attack by No. 11 Gamoba Ekaterina was back on the court and led Russia to win the game.