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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Match Description
China shines with glory!

China blocking a spike from Russia

China beat Russia 3-0 (25-15, 25-23, 25-21)


China shines with glory!

The Olympic gold medallist, China, and the silver medallist, Russia, met again in Hong Kong. The atmosphere in the stadium was as thrilling as when the two teams competed in the Olympic finals two years ago in Athens. China got off to take the lead right away in the beginning of the first set. The solid defence of the Russians could not stop the fierce attacks by the China team players. China took the first set superbly with 25-15, without much effort.


The Russians regained their form in the second set, China was pressurized by the violent attacks and powerful serves of Russia. Russia managed to take a slight lead of one point before the second technical timeout. The applause of the spectators was hot enough to cheer up the China team players and light up their spirit. Confident smiles came back on China players’ faces, with the encouraging support from Hong Kong fans, China finally won one more set.


Seemingly the failure in getting the first two sets did not frustrate the Russians. A seesaw situation appeared in the beginning of the set. However, with their stable performance in spiking and blocking, the Chinese soon widened the gap to 15-10. From the relaxed expression on the face of the Chinese Head Coach, it would not be too difficult to notice that he was very confident with his team. The stadium was filled with loud cheers and applause whenever the China Team scored. The fantastic performance of the China Team definitely deserved the full support from the Hong Kong audience. The Chinese celebrated their glorious triumph with three straight sets.