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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
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Azerbaijan got the third place!

Tears on #4 Oksana Guilyeva's face after winning the sets

Azerbaijan beat Thailand 3-2


Azerbaijan got the third place!

A good start from Thailand put Azerbaijan under pressure in defence. The Azerbaijanis seemed to be a bit tense and bushed that they could not get the right pace in the beginning of the set. Whereas, the Thai girls were relatively relaxed with a better form. The strong attacking by the Thailand easily breached the frail defence of the Azerbaijanis as well as their morale. Thailand clinched the set with 25-20.


After losing one set, the Azerbaijan urged to catch up. However, their performance was affected by their frantic emotions. With excellent coordination and terrific teamwork, Thailand offered no opportunities to Azerbaijan to narrow the margin. Though each side earned point by point after the second technical timeout, Thailand later had a better composure and managed to take one more set.


The critical third set started with a seesaw situation. The two teams poured out all their efforts and never gave each other a single pause. #5 Pleumjit Thinkaow from Thailand contributed several powerful serves and a few sound spikes. Whereas the Azerbaijanis held their nerves after going down two straight sets and were aggressive in their attacks. With their great stamina and never-give-up spirit, Azerbaijan was finally able to take the lead and grab the set with 25:19.


After winning the third set, the Azerbaijanisí spirit was lifted and they took a lead of 4 points before the first technical timeout. The devastating spikes produced by the Azerbaijanis and the serving mistakes made by their opponents allowed the Azerbaijanis to win the hard-fought set by 25:20.


In the crucial set which would determine the third place in Hong Kong leg, both teams fought hard to win the game. Thailand executed concrete defence to answer Azerbaijanís forceful attacks. With exalted spirit, the Azerbaijan team succeeded to roar back and won three sets in a row.