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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Match Description
China beats Azerbaijan 3-2

The China Team blocking the spike of the Azerbaijani

China beats Azerbaijan 3-2 (21-25, 25-23, 22-25, 25-21, 15-13)


Azerbaijan failed to stop China’s fierce attack

Facing the strong and seemingly undefeatable China team, Azerbaijan started off the match aggressively. The powerful attacks of Azerbaijan allowed them to take control of the game, resulting in a five-point lead before the second technical timeout. Eventually, China regained their composure and strengthened their defence. However, Azerbaijan produced a combination of devastating spikes and concrete blocks by their distinguished teamwork and finally clinched the first set with 25-21.


Despite losing in the first game, China did not loosen their focus and had shown obvious improvement in defence. While player #3 Yang Hao and #17 Xu Yunli from the China Team gained points with quick and determined spikes, player #11 Inessa Korkmaz fought back with concrete blocks. This made the atmosphere very tense since points went up tightly. #1 Wang Yimei ended the set with a fatal spike.


The third set started with a seesaw situation. Azerbaijan managed to take a slight lead of two points before the technical timeout. The Azerbaijanis produced their superb form and tried to widen the margin. The thundering applause from the spectators could not uplift the spirit of China. Azerbaijan took the set by three points.


Azerbaijan’s confidence was enhanced after getting one more set. The Azerbaijanis exhibited tremendous power in blocking while China executed aggressive supremacy in spiking. Both sides played point by point with neither side taking any advantage. Thanks to the devastating spikes and concrete blocks of the China team players, China eventually got the pace and won the set at 25-21.


In this decisive set, both teams showed great fortitude in winning today’s game. With the stronger mentality of the more experienced China team, China finally hammered the Azerbaijanis at 15-13.