2005 FIVB World Grand Prix     July 13-18


JULY 13 - 18  in Sendai, JAPAN   

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Host team Japan and the top five ranked teams after the preliminary rounds are qualified for the final round.  

Sendai, whose population exceeded one million in 1999, is the only ordinance-designated city in the Tohoku district, the northern region of Japan's main island, Honsyu and has been flourishing as the political, economic and cultural centre of the Tohoku district. In 1953 Sendai's involvement in Volleyball started and it organized its first international Volleyball competition the same year, All Hong Kong vs. All Sendai. Since then, almost every year some international competitions have been hosted.The Sendai City Gym is a well-equipped sports complex with the first gym (three Volleyball courts), the second gym (one Volleyball court) and a swimming pool in an annex. It is   6km from Sendai Station and is easily accessible by   underground.
Sendai City Gymnasium
Capacity: 7,000