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Bigger hill to climb for Cuba

Taipei, Chinese Taipei, July 6, 2005 - The third pool of the World Grand Prix is to begin on Friday in Taipei where four teams - Brazil, Cuba, Korea and the Netherlands - are preparing for battle prior to advancing to the final round the following week in Sendai, Japan.

Brazil, Cuba and Netherlands have the strongest possibility while Korea, who have two victories to their name, are under going a change in generation aiming at the Olympic Games in 2008.

All four teams have new and young players learning from the experienced ones but in addition to the two traditional strong teams of Cuba, who are unbeaten, and Brazil (5-1), the Netherlands (4-2) have produced some exceptional performances, which has seen them jump to fifth in the overall rankings.
Pic: Cuba beat the Netherlands 3-2 in the second week
“For Cuba, it will be much tougher to play against these three teams,” said Felipe Calderón the head coach of Cuba. “But we will be well prepared for the coming games and try our best to qualify for the final.”

Brazil is building a younger team as well, trying to pass on experiences within a very short time, and they just need at least one victory to secure themselves a finals spot.