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Wonderful welcome in Macau

June 28, 2005 - All four teams, Germany, Brazil, Poland and hosts China arrived in Macau on Tuesday to a marvellous reception from members of the organizing committee, including President Mr. Vong Iao lek, Vice Presidents Mr. Pau Ma Chong and José Tavares as well as representative of title sponsor, Mr. John Au.

China’s squad includes Feng Kun, Yang Hao, Liu Yanan, Zhou Shuhong, Zhang Ping, whilst Zhao Ruirui, Song Nina, Wang Lin and Luo Yu are missing from the journey in Macau.

Prior to arrival in Macau, the four participating teams achieved outstanding results in the first week. China was crowned champion in the Ningbo leg, Brazil and Poland finished first and third respectively in Tokyo while Germany also managed to finish third in Reggio Calabria.

Macau fans are now expecting another series of exciting matches, packed full of dazzling Volleyball skills.

The 2005 World Grand Prix lasts four weeks with a total of 69 matches. Preliminary rounds are held in the first three weeks - with 18 matches per team - to be played in Japan, Italy, China, Korea, Macau, Philippines, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei and Thailand.

The Macau leg is scheduled as the Group E leg of the second preliminary round, and the other legs of Week Two are staged in Seoul and Manila as well. The final will return to Sendai, Japan for five days, with the round robin system being applied for the decision of the 2005 WGP Champion.

Classification in the preliminary rounds is decided by the number of points gained by teams participating in the same group and general ranking will be decided by the total number of World Grand Prix Points (GPP) gained by teams in the preliminary matches. Two GPPs will be granted for one match won, one GPP for one match lost.