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Only way is up for Dominican Republic

Reggio Calabria, Italy June 23, 2005 – World number 12 the Dominican Republic want nothing more than an improvement on their one victory of last year’s World Grand Prix event. Coach Francisco Cruz Jimenez, speaking on the eve of the 2005 edition in Reggio Calabria where hosts Italy, Cuba, Germany and the Dominican Republic will play in the first round, says he wants a substantial improvement on their 12th place finish of last year in this, the Dominican Republic’s second World Grand Prix campaign.

“We will play for only the second time in the World Grand Prix with a team composed of some very exciting young talent combined with some older experts,” Jimenez said. “We want to do better than last year, because we played well in the South American Cup.”

Meanwhile, Italian head coach Marco Bonitta said that his side also has plenty of youthful but is stacked full of talent. “So we will try to exploit this moment,” he said.
Pic: The Dominican Republic won one match last year - against Poland
For Felipe Calderon, coach of Cuba, the opening round of the 2005 World Grand Prix is a good opportunity to find the right combinations within the team. “We will try to leave our adversaries behind in the race for the Final Six,” he said.

While German coach Lee Hee Wan, the 2005 World Grand Prix is also a chance to work on some new game plans. “The 2005 World Grand Prix is an important moment to verify the technical condition of my team, following our victory in the 2006 World Championships in Dresden and for the European Championship of next September”.