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Leggeri rested for 2005 - Bonitta

May 2, 2005 - Italian coach Marco Bonitta has confirmed that Italian captain Manuela Leggeri, who led the Azzurra to a World Grand Prix silver medal last year, has been rested for the 2005 season but could return in 2006.

Bonitta made the declaration about the 28-year-old when confirming his 18-strong squad for the 2005 World Grand Prix, which starts on June 24.
Pic: Manuela Leggeri (4) is the centre of Italian celebrations at the Athens Olympics
“Among the 18 athletes selected for the World Grand Prix, some important players from previous seasons are absent: Paola Cardullo, Elisa Togut, Simona Rinieri and Manuela Leggeri,” Bonitta said. “The absence of the first three players is limited to the first part of the summer. We had fixed with some of them that this summer would be less intense. They will come back, when we start training for the European Championships.

“The question about Manuela Leggeri is different. She was the captain of the World Championship winning team in 2002. I met her and together we decided for a year of rest. At the end of the sports season we will evaluate, both me and her, what she will do in 2006.”

Bonitta also explained the reason for the absence of some players from the European Championship winning junior side, who appear to be ready for some senior level experience. “Many of our young players are engaged with school examinations during the World Grand Prix. The junior players who have been included in the senior squad will return to the age group side after the Italian phase of the event in order to start training for the Junior World Championships, which will take place in Turkey at the end of July.”

Italy: Eleonora Lo Bianco (Vini Monteschiavo Jesi); Simona Gioli, Chiara Di Julio and Chiara Arcangeli (Despar Perugia); Francesca Piccinini, Serena Ortolani and Jenny Barazza (Foppapedretti Bergamo); Martina Guiggi, Nadia Centoni and Antonella del Core (Scavolini Pesaro); Francesca Ferretti (Volley Modena); Sara Anzanello and Natalia Viganò (Asystel Novara); Valentina Fiorin (Coaduro Cavazzale); Maurizia Borri and Cristina Vincenzi (Bigmat Chieri); Elisa Cella (Original Marines Arzano); Giulia Rondon (Esperia Cremona).