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Sendai, Japan, July 14, 2005 - As far as sporting contests goes this match promises to be right out of the top draw with the 2002 world champions Italy taking on 2004 Olympic gold medalists China in the opening match of the second day of the 2005 World Grand Prix Final Round oN Thursday in Sendai, Japan. World number one China will be hoping to put their house back in order after a surprise loss to Cuba on the opening day while Italy were very impressive in their demolition of hosts Japan. China have actually lost two successive matches after their only Preliminary Round loss came in their final match (in straight sets) against Italy in Hong Kong.
With the winner of the six-day Final Round round-robin series walking away with the 2005 World Grand Prix title, China will want to win this game to keep their hopes alive of reclaiming the crown they won in 2003. 
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