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Zhao Ruirui – The most popular Chinese player


With an altitude of 196cm and her nice look, Zhao Ruirui is the tallest and most popular player in the current Chinese women’s volleyball team.

The towering spiker, who was born in 1981 in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, received the award of the Most Popular Player at the 2002 World Grand Prix Finals when she helped China finish runners-up to Russia.

Zhao Ruirui overcame a major injury to build her starting position in the Chinese side. Playing club volleyball with Bayi, Zhao made her international debut in 1999. However, she had her meniscus torn the same year, which forced her out of action for more than half a year.

Zhao staged her comeback late in 2000 and made her fame at the Asian Championships in 2001 by winning the Best Scorer and Most Valuable Player awards. She also lifted China to clinch their first major title in 15 years at the World Grand Champions Cup.

With both her parents volleyball players, Zhao inherited their height, speed and versatility. Her skills in attack and defense made her indispensable to the Chinese team.

“She is one of the best attackers in the world,” said Chinese head coach Chen Zhonghe.

Zhao likes fashion and designing at spare time and she has a basic requirement for her future boy friend.

“He should be at least as tall as me,” Zhao said.