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Prikeba (Keba) Phipps

There is no doubt that 34-year-old Prikeba (Keba) Phipps would love nothing better than walk away with gold from the 2003 World Grand Prix.

The Colorado resident has been a central figure in the USA team in recent years and her huge hitting and instinctive ability to find the gap in the opposite court make her invaluable to her natonal team

Indeed Phipps packs a whallop that indicates she retains the same energy that made her a member of the USA Olympic team that competed at Seoul, Korea back in 1988 when just 19 years-old. Fifteen years later and a long pause notwithstanding, she is still a pivotal member of the lineup, in itself an amazing sporting feat.

Phipps rejoined the World Grand Prix team in 2002, when they finished sixth place and was part of the 2002 silver medal winning team at the World Championship in Germany several montsh later.

But last year's World Championship was devastating for Phipps having led the team with her thunderous spikes through to the final only to be sidelined after receiving a knock in the eye in training.  There is no doubt Phipps, who is fluent in Italian after many years playing professionally in Italy, would like to make it to the podium in the 2003 World Grand Prix.

At 190cm Phipps is one of the tallest on court and her trademark flying Rasta locks make her a fearsome opponent, It is a a characteristic that she enjoys exploiting, bearing down on her opponents when she is in full flight.  But clearly Phipps has a soft side, and like the leader that she is, she is quick to comfort, encourage and inspire her teammates whenever the occasion presents itself.