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Ingrid Visser


It looks like Ingrid Visser is sometimes a little bit shy, but the 26-year-old middle blocker captain is one of the most important players in the Dutch national team.

As a child from a Dutch father and a mother from the USA, Visser has the Dutch volleyball skills and the US mental strength. This combination made Visser the best player of the new century. Her blocking capabilities are excellent, while even for a 189cm tall player, she is great in reception and defense. Without Visser in the squad, Netherlands generally find the going tough.

It was former men's national team coach Toon Gerbrands who discovered Visser. When he needed an extra middle blocker for his women's national junior team in 1994, he selected Visser. Although many Dutch volleyball experts criticized his decision, it is proven now that Gerbrands had the eyes for talent.

Some months later, Visser was already in the senior team and was one of the team members during the 1994 World Championship in Brazil. 

Visser has played almost all around the world, including Italy and Brazil. Right now, she was one of the stars of the Spanish team Hotel Cantur Las Palmas.