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Elles Leferink


Elles Leferink was only 18 when she became the star of the 1995 Women's European Championship. As a player in the national junior team she was invited to the senior team that year, gaining some valauble court time during test matches in Japan, before keeping her place in the national team. 

Leferink guided Netherlands to the European title when the Dutch team was the first non-Eastern European squad to win the important event. 

Lefty Leferink is still known for her magic spikes and her relaxed attitude. She left the national team two years ago after some conflict with the staff of the Dutch team, but after she played a great season for the German team of Ulm, coach Angiolini Frigoni invited her back again. Despite the great season in Germany, Leferink decided to play in the Dutch league again. Next season she will play in the shirt of Longa'59, a club in the eastern part of Netherlands, the place where Leferink was born in November 1976. 

Leferink has played 207 times for the Dutch national team and is one of the most experienced players.

LEFT: Leferink is presented with a gift from captain Ingrid Visser for her 200th match for the Netherlands. 2002 World Championship, the Netherlands v Egypt