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Ekaterina Gamova


Standing at 205cm, 22-year-old Ekaterina Gamova is a giant in the world of women's Volleyball and in the Russia team.

The youngster from the Uralochka club in Russia is a pillar in attack and defence, using her immense height to great effect. Her heigh alone has her standing clear of any of her temamates  by seven centimetres and she makes full use of it

Some descibe her as a pillar on poles. Her frame might not be the most robust but underestimate the innocent looking Gamova at your own peril.

Russian coach Nikolai Karpol has already put her to good use, having given her a taste of the Olympic Games while she has also recorded over 50 World Grand Prix matches.

Her partnership with skipper Evguenia Artamonova is becoming one of the strongest in women's volleyball. Don't be surprised to see these two Russian heaveyweights topping their points scoring lists in the coming seasons, especially the World Grand Prix.

She has already proved her worth having been Russia's best player at the Montreux Volleymasters earlier this year where Russia finished second to China and there's no doubt she'll be one of Russia's mainstays in years to come.