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Anastasia Belikova

Despite her young years 24-year-old Anastasia Belikova is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Russian juggernaut of a team.

Standing at 190cm she is by no means the tallest in the squad but she plays a perfect supporters role to the likes of Russia's big guns Evgenia Artamonova, Elizaveta Tichtchenko and Ekaterina Gamova.

Volleyball is obviously a team sport and this is where Belikova comes in, acting as a perfect foil in defence, attack and general receiving of the ball.

She is an ideal versatility player for Russian coach Nikolai Karpol and although she is more pronounced on defence you will find her her over the court.

Having already played in two World Championship campaigns, an Olympic Games and tasted World Grand Prix success she has got the backing to continue playing an important role in the Russia team, albeit, not as infamously known as some of the other roles in the team.