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Match Descriptive

Korea beat Thailand 3-0 (25-21, 25-13, 25-10) - duration 1.07
25-Jul, start time: 18.07, end time: 19.14 - Attendance: 180
Korea very lively, easily overcomes Thailand.
Start in perfect balance in the competition between Thailand and Korea. Korean very lively in the court, more concentrated the Thai. Korea's defence is very good and the team takes the lead (15-12), margin, necessary to win the 1st set. In the 2nd set Korea tries to bring the play , and manage to surprise the adversary's defence. Korea gets points and lengthen over Thailand, carrying on + 8 (13-5).Thailand meets some difficulty to contrast Korean' attacks that perforate the block attempts, acted by the adversaries. The 2nd set successful for Korea is taken for granted.
The 3rd set is almost the same and Thailand seems to give up to the defeat. There are15 points of advantage for Korea which wins 25.13 Korea is already thinking of the final phase of the Grand Prix.