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World Grand Prix 2003 - Press Info

Press conference

China beat U.S.A. 3-0 (25-21, 26-24, 28-26) - duration 1.25
28-Jul, start time: 19.30, end time: 20.55 - Attendance: 520

USA captain Danielle Scott: "We reacted, especially in the 2nd and 3rd set, but we were not concentrated enough to stop a very strong team."

China's captain Kun Feng: "We are very glad with our performance today, especially when we stopped America's comeback in the 2nd set."

USA coach Toshiaki Yoshida: "I can't explain why my team was not able to keep the positive score in the final phases of the sets."

China coach Zhonghe Chen: "We won a good match against a strong team, we are very happy with that and thanks to our capability we do not fear anybody in the following matches."