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World Grand Prix 2003 - Press Info

Press conference

Netherlands beat Italy 3-2 (23-25, 23-25, 36-34, 26-24, 19-17) - duration 2.20
28-Jul, start time: 16.15, end time: 18.35 - Attendance: 1.850

Italian Coach Marco Bonitta: "The match offered very high technical moments, though it's not easy to wear a blue top that won the World championship a little time ago, since people expect a lot from Italy."

Italian captain Manuela Leggeri: "The match started well. When the match was played point after point we started to make some mistakes that we couldn't solve on the court."

Dutch coach Angelo Frigoni: "I didn't like the Volleyball played by my team in the first two sets. Anyway, my team never gave up and kept on believing in the win. Our aim was staying amongst the first six classified teams of this competition and I'm satisfied by the result obtained."

Dutch captain Ingrid Visser: "In the first two sets there was a lack of concentration. There was a relaxed group and a nervous team that didn't manage to find any equilibrium till the third set."