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World Grand Prix 2003 - Press Info

Press conference

U.S.A. beat Germany 3-1 (25-21, 25-20, 17-25, 33-31) - duration 1.53
25-Jul, start time: 18.07, end time: 20.00 - Attendance: 470
American Coach Yoshida, Toshiaki: we play to win, that's why we train a lot to join our aims

American Captain Scott Danielle: it was a strong match from both the parts. We both attacked and defended. Anyway I'm glad to win the match

German Coach Lee, Hee-Wan: The German girls suffered a lot. In the first and second set they played with a lot of simplicity. We just didn't have much experience, even though I am satisfied anyway.

German Captain Grun Angelina: I have to make my compliments to USA. We didn't have their experience and their patience. Anyway it was a good match.