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Photos featured on the FIVB Photo Galleries are downloadable copyright free for media purposes only, and only if FIVB is credited as the source material. They are protected by copyright for all other commercial purposes. Those wishing to use FIVB Photo Gallery photos for other commercial purposes should contact press@fivb.org. We can put you in touch with the photographer so that you can negotiate directly with them.
Photo gallery Brazil vs Russia

Anastasia Belikova is pumped as Russia charge to victory

Virna Dias attacks aginst the Russia defense of (l to r)Olga Chukanova, Anastasia Belikova and Evguenia Artamonova

Brazil's top scorer Peluci Silva Raquel was lethal scoring

Brazilian libero Fabiana Oliveira makes a fantastic dig

Russia are happy as they head towards claiming the thrid set 25-17

Sheilla Castro on attack against Russia's (l to r)Olga Chukanova, Elizaveta Tishchenko and Evguenia Artamonova

Marcelle Moraes spikes against Olga Chukanova

Anastasia Belikova (3) and the Russian team after a superb block

Russia's captain and top scorer on the night with 25 points Evguenia Artamonova

Olga Chukanova sets

Fabiana Oliveira makes a great dig from out of court

Brazil wrap up the second set 25-20

Virna Dias is stretched to the limit to make a dig

Paula Pequeno receives

Ekaterina Gamova was Russia's second highest points scorer with 24 points

Valeska Menezes receives

It is a very happy Paula Pequeno