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World Grand Prix 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Japan 3-0 (26-24, 25-20, 27-25) - duration 1:23
14-Jul, start time: 16:03, end time: 17:26 - Attendance: 4,010
BRA worked out very well to win 3-0 over JPN.
It was a very exciting and close point game between BRA and JPN. BRA and JPN showed tie to tie rallies all the time in the match. BRA kept very good fighting split and maneuverability of their team formation all the time, while JPN committed regrettable mistakes in the most important rallies.
The tactics of JPN today seemed to use relatively small toss to the both wing attacker to hit semi-quick spikes to change rhythm of the game. BRA encountered with good digs. And, Rodrigues and Nascimento hit high spikes. However, JPN kept their lead 20:18. Then the game continued with a point by a point. After 24:24 tie, BRA took 2 straight points to win 1st set 26:24.
BRA and JPN kept their tension of the game in 2nd set, and both team fought actively until Pequeno broke JPN block at 13:12. Nascimento followed to get service point to push away JPN. After several hard rallies, BRA Pequero hit left wing spike to win 2nd set 25:20.
When Horai of JPN got point with her block, immediately Gonzaga got back a point by her block. It still continued with hard rallies to keep tie. Both JPN and BRA kept up their good rallies with high tension all the time, Horai, Mukai and Otomo of JPN and Gonzaga, Nascimento, Rodrigues, Pequeno of BRA worked well for attacks to make the game very exciting. After 26:25, Rodrigues hit the hard spike to grab a point to win 3rd set 27:25.
BRA captain Rodorigues said, "Though we won the match 3-0. It was a very tuff game. JPN fought very well all the time in the mach until the end, and we found that it was very difficult to win against JPN.
JPN captain Takahashi said, "We just could not keep the lead because we committed mistakes at the most important moment."