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World Grand Prix 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Germany beat Thailand 3-0 (25-17, 25-21, 25-15) - duration 1:17
14-Jul, start time: 13:30, end time: 14:47 - Attendance: 1,178
GER grabbed 2nd victory with their good reception and teamwork for offence.
It seemed that GER investigated in THA formation during previous matches THA fought, GER used soft attacks, faints, right wing spikes and services to the front zone, which were not too familiar to THA, besides their high blocks and spikes, GER easily took 2nd technical timeout at 16:7. And, it was composed with GER to use substitute setter Schlecht. GER won 1st set 25:17.
In the 2nd set, THA changed the starting members to wing attacker Nyompon, center spiker Srisakorn and setter Jid-ong to change their offense formation, however, the tactics did not work too well. After 16:9 2nd technical timeout, THA setter Jid-ong begun using right spike to get points. Yet, GER returned attacks from the other side of the court so that THA could not follow to block them. THA changed setter to Heepkaew, but could not disturb GER pace. GER gained 2nd set 25:21.
In the beginning of 3rd set, GER might be nervous bout their 2nd victory, their plays became not too smooth as they supposed to be. Yet, GER seemed to be well trained in defense and most of service receptions and hard spike balls were well controlled back to their setter. Thus, GER was capable to get back on their pace easily and took nd technical timeout 16:8. THA tried to use quick formation to change the pace, but it was in vain. GER won 3rd set 25: 15.
GER captain Doemeland said, "It was relatively easy winning game. Our aim for this tournament was to win JPN, and we actually won JPN 3-0. That made us feel good to play for the game today. WE continue to play better volleyball."
THA captain Paijinda said, "GER players are tall and powerful so that it was very hard game. We will trying to get how to compete against a team with tall players."