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World Grand Prix 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Germany beat Japan 3-0 (25-20, 25-19, 25-21) - duration 1:12
13-Jul, start time: 16:03, end time: 17:15 - Attendance: 3,665
GER won the match with their advantage of heights over JPN.
GER utilized their advantage of heights and firm play of high blocks and outside wing spikes to win the first victory in 2002 World Grand Prix.
In 1st set, JPN attacked GER by using side attackers, however out side block of GER was very high and also played firmly. On the contrary, GER hit spikes from outside, as JPN blocks were not so high that GER was easy to make spike points GER won 1st set 25:20.
2nd set was started with JPN captain Takahashi's center spike point. JPN changed their strategies and tried to use center attacker to hit their spike into opponent's court. However, due to hard service and spike of GER, JPN could not control balls good enough to use center offenses. In a mean time, GER attackers Gruen, Sylvester hit outside wing spikes in the front zone and center back row spikes in their back zone effectively to keep lead. JPN also started to use tall spikers Otomo, Horai for quick spikes. However, once GER received balls in defense, GER hit spikes and easily pass into JPN court for points Even Kumamae, JPN ace spiker, could not break GER's block to get points so well. GER gained 2nd set 25:19.
In 3rd set, JPN used Otomo, Sugiyama for broad jump spikes to get points. GER encountered with blocks and spikes of Kulakova, Gruen, Sylvester and Roll.After 2nd technical timeout, JPN gained points 16:18 by block of Sugiyama and spike of Takahashi. However, GER kept their lead to win 3rd set 25:21.
GER captain Doemeland said, " Our teamwork worked very well from the beginning of the match and our team functioned well. Especially, our block were so good today which usually not so good, and we could put pressure on JPN with attacks."