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World Grand Prix 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Thailand 3-1 (25-21, 25-27, 25-22, 27-25) - duration 1:57
13-Jul, start time: 13:30, end time: 15:27 - Attendance: 1,555
BRA struggled with mistakes, but won the second victory with slight difference from THA.
BRA showed both good combination plays and easy mistakes. THA challenged to the world's best 4 team BRA and played very well. The difference of the experience gets the advantage for BRA to win.
In the beginning of 1st set, THA showed very competitive plays and upset BRA by taking slight lead 4:3. BRA, then, gradually got back in pace and reverse the points and kept lead 14:7. After 2nd technical timeout, even though BRA made many mistakes, BRA kept lead with very stable plays and won 1st set 25:21.
In the beginning of 2nd set, both teams were quite active and Nascimento, Rodorigues of BRA and Sangmuang, Paijinda of THA hit hard spikes each other. After 1st technical timeout there were several exciting rallies occurred. THA used Sangmuang's back row spike while BRA used Nascimento and Menezes's center and right combination spikes. BRA and THA were getting a point by a point and neither of teams gave up the fight.
Sangmuang worked very well with spikes, blocks to take another lead. And, THA captain Paijinda made a block point to finish 2nd set 27:25
As BRA trying to take lead immediately from THA in the beginning of 3rd set, concentration of BRA was disturbed and it enabled THA to be active for their offense. After 1st technical timeout, BRA recovered from slump in 3rd set, BRA gradually gained points. In a mean time, Heepkaew, the setter of THA, controlled the ball well to use center quick spikes and right spike formation effectively. However, Thinkaow of THA committed spike mistake and BRA won 3rd set 25:22.
In 4th set, THA used center spikes and quick spikes to change the speed of the offense. And, THA gained 3 points with blocks of Phongthong, Sangmuang and Paijinda to be 13:11.In the end of 4th set, both teams made quite a few mistakes, and finally Menzes made block point to win the set 27:25. BRA team captain Rodorigues said, " It was not good game in the beginning. However, this victory is very important for BRA. As the yesterday's game was hard and we still feel tired."