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World Grand Prix 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Germany 3-2 (25-19, 25-22, 19-25, 19-25, 15-8) - duration 2:00
12-Jul, start time: 16:00, end time: 18:00 - Attendance: 876
New BRA team got the first victory in 2002 World Grand Prix in Tokyo
BRA renewed its team members and 2002 World Grand Prix is the first tournament new BRA team participates. Game has progressed as the fight between the height of GER and combination and sharp spikes of BRA. After BRA getting first 2sets, GER also gained 3rd and 4th sets to make the game tie. BRA was active and played very well in the final set and gained the set 15:8 and won the match.
In the 1st set, both BRA and GER used side attackers and orthodox offense formations as it was the first time for them to fight each other in the international games. Game has made the slow pace progress and BRA gained the 1st set 25:19.
In the 2nd set, BRA gradually began using combination offenses, back row spikes and Nascimento played as the key role player in the combination. On the other hand, GER could not catch their pace and play of GER became monotonous. BRA got the pace of the game and gained points easily. After 16:11, GER tried to catch up points with the block by Kulakova, spike by Gruen and made the score 16:19. However, BRA demolished GER service reception and gained the 2nd set 25:22.
Bouagaa of GER made 2 consecutive service points to get lead in the beginning of the 3rd set. Although, BRA used Nascimento, Gonzaga Pequeno for spikes to gain points, Bouagaa of GER, again, gained 2 consecutive points with her effective services and GER got their pace. BRA seemed that they lost their concentration and committed easy mistakes to have lost 4 points. GER kept their lead and won the 3rd set 25:19.
In the 4th set, GER became very active and made side attack points, back row spike points and 2 block points to lead the points 11:8. Then, GER used their high blocks and shut out BRA spikes. GER gained the 4th set 25:19.
The final set started with the block point and the service point of BRA and BRA pulled in the pace of the game. Rodorigues of BRA shut out GER 2 consecutive spikes of Oliveira to lead 5:1. BRA kept up their pace all the way to won the 5th set 15:8.