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Russia win World Cup, Brazil claim last pass for 2012 Olympics

Russia celebrate winning gold at the 2011 FIVB Men's World Cup

Tokyo, Japan, December 4, 2011 – Russia were crowned winners of the 2011 FIVB World Cup at the end of 15 days of incredible action with matches having taken place across eight different venues. This is Russia’s sixth title in the competition, the last dating back to 1999 and with four more having been contributed by the former Soviet Union (1965, 1977, 1981 and 1991).

The players mentored by coach Vladimir Alekno had booked their spot for the 2012 Olympics on Saturday but they eventually finished also on top of the standings already after scoring a provisional 2:1 lead in their last match with Poland. The group around Bartosz Kurek had to settle for silver but did not have any real regret as even though they missed five match balls in the tie-break, the result of that game was no longer going to influence the final standings. This is Poland’s second silver medal in history after this nation had finished as runners-up back in 1965 at the inaugural edition of the tournament. Apart from determining the winner of the World Cup, the last day of action in Tokyo was also going to assign the last of the three much wanted tickets at stake to book a trip to London 2012 and this slot eventually went to Brazil that completed the tournament by edging the hosts of Japan in three sets thereby shattering the dreams of Italy to make it to London directly via the World Cup. This is Brazil’s fifth medal in the competition, after the South Americans claimed the back-to-back titles in 2003 and 2007, with two bronze medals dating back to 1981 and 1995.

Men’s World Cup Results/Standings, Match Info, Photos or Live Scoring

Russia captured the 2011 FIVB Men’s World Cup title and beat Poland in five sets (25-22, 23-25, 25-22, 17-25, 17-15) on the final day of fourth-round action at Yoyogi National Gym on Sunday. The Russians scored eight of the final nine points in the fifth set to notch the victory. By virtue of the scoring rules in place for the tournament, Russia only needed to win two sets to capture the championship. The match turned late in the second set when Poland star Zbigniew Bartman suffered a leg injury. He scored 11 points before getting hurt. Russia ended the World Cup with an impressive 10-1 record, while Poland finished 9-2. Denis Biryukov led Russia with 13 points; Dmitriy Muserskiy added 12 and was named the most impressive player of the match. Russia coach Vladimir Alekno commented after the match: “My congratulations to Poland for their qualification for the Olympics. They got what they came here for. I am the happiest person on Earth today because it is my 45th birthday. I have to thank my team for the efforts in this tournament”. Poland coach Andrea Anastasi added: “We have played an incredible tournament. With only six months of work we have finished second in the World Cup. We had to play good to reach this position, but we must do more to reach the top level. We still must work harder in the future”.

Brazil clinched a berth for the London Olympics with a victory over Japan in straights sets (25-21, 25-19, 25-22) on the final day of action at Yoyogi National Gym. Brazil entered the match needing not to concede two sets to finish third ahead of Italy and secure the Olympic berth. Brazil finished the tournament with an 8-3 record, while Japan went 2-9. Sidnei dos Santos paced Brazil with 15 points while Giba added 13. Dos Santos was named the most impressive player of the match. Kunihiro Shimizu led Japan with 15 points. Japan was just unable to cope with the speed and power of the Brazilians. Leading 19-16 in the second set, Japan collapsed and gave up the final nine points.

Italy notched a four-set victory (25-13, 25-17, 20-25, 25-18) over Iran on the final day of action in Tokyo; the triumph gave Italy an 8-3 record, while Iran finished the tournament 5-5. Michal Lasko scored a match-high 25 points for Italy in the win. Cristian Savani had 13 and was named the most impressive player of the match. Arash Kamalvand had 12 points for Iran in the loss. Amir Ghafour added 11 points. Italy took the first two sets in expeditious fashion and grabbed control of the match with fine passing and defense. Italy coach Mauro Berruto stated: “We had a clear goal today and that was to win 3-0. It didn’t happen. Iran was strong serving and blocking in the third set. If we don’t make it to the Olympics it will be because of set ratio. I am proud of my players and staff. We fought until the very end”.

On the final day of 2011 FIVB World Cup play, Cuba took on Egypt at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium coming off a long five-set loss to the USA the night before. Egypt, who had won only one match in the tournament, battled well in every set, but Cuba took the match 3-1 (26-24, 23-25, 25-23, 25-20), solidifying a respectable fifth-place finish in the World Cup. Fernando Hernandez Ramos started Sunday’s action as the tournament’s leading scorer, and with 25 points against Egypt, he maintained a good chance at finishing on top, depending on the performance of Italian Michal Lasko against Iran. Cuban captain Wilfredo Leon Venero scored 18 points and Yassel Perdomo Naranjo had 11, including six key blocks. For Egypt, their star Ahmed Abdelhay showed he could attack with the best in the world, scoring 24 points in a determined effort.

Argentina went into the final day of the 2011 FIVB World Cup looking to end on a high note against China at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on Sunday. They would solidify a seventh-place finish in the tournament with a 3-0 win over their opponents from the Far East (25-23, 31-29, 25-18). The win didn’t come easy, but Argentina was led with a brilliant scoring exhibition by Facundo Conte with 24 points and right behind him was Federico Pereyra with 22. For China the leading scorer was Yuan Zhi with 14 points.

The USA, having taken a tough five set win against the explosive Cuban squad on Saturday night, took on European champions Serbia for their final match in the 2011 FIVB World Cup. Indeed Serbia played like champions in this one, taking the match 3-0 (25-23, 25-17, 25-19) as the USA rested some players. Leading Serbia in scoring was their captain Ivan Miljkovic with 20 hard-hitting points, taking the most impressive player award in the process. For the USA team it was Sean Rooney notching 10 points in a losing effort. Serbia led the USA in blocking 11-7 and out-served five aces to three.

Best Players Awards
MVP: Maxim Mikhaylov (Russia)
Best Scorer: Fernando Hernandez Ramos (Cuba)
Best Spiker: Ahmed Abdelhay (Egypt)
Best Blocker: Marcin Mozdzonek (Poland)
Best Server: Cristian Savani (Italy)
Best Setter: Luciano De Cecco (Argentina)
Best Receiver: Sergio Santos (Brazil)
Best Libero: Ren Qi (China)

Daily Review
Day 11   |   December 4, 2011

Date Teams Live Score
City Description Press
Stats Photos
04/12 POL-RUS 2-3 Tokyo View View View View
04/12 CUB-EGY 3-1 Tokyo View View View View
04/12 ARG-CHN 3-0 Tokyo View View View View
04/12 IRI-ITA 1-3 Tokyo View View View View
04/12 SRB-USA 3-0 Tokyo View View View View
04/12 JPN-BRA 0-3 Tokyo View View View View

World Cup Standing

Rk Code Team Points Matches Results Details Sets Points
Played Won Lost 3-0 3-1 3-2 2-3 1-3 0-3 Won Lost Ratio Won Lost Ratio
1 RUS Russia 29 11 10 1 6 3 1     1 30 8 3.750 916 781 1.173
2 POL Poland 26 11 8 3 3 4 1 3     30 15 2.000 1'032 944 1.093
3 BRA Brazil 24 11 8 3 5 1 2 2 1   29 14 2.071 983 857 1.147
4 ITA Italy 24 11 8 3 3 4 1 1 2   28 15 1.867 1'029 925 1.112
5 CUB Cuba 20 11 7 4 2 3 2 1 2 1 25 19 1.316 964 964 1.000
6 USA USA 16 11 6 5 4   2   2 3 20 19 1.053 884 865 1.022
7 ARG Argentina 16 11 5 6 3 1 1 2 2 2 21 21 1.000 929 925 1.004
8 SRB Serbia 15 11 5 6 1 3 1 1 3 2 20 23 0.870 928 968 0.959
9 IRI Iran 12 11 5 6 1 1 3   1 5 16 25 0.640 835 925 0.903
10 JPN Japan 8 11 2 9 1 1   2 2 5 12 28 0.429 874 930 0.940
11 CHN China 5 11 1 10 1     2 2 6 9 30 0.300 779 919 0.848
12 EGY Egypt 3 11 1 10 1       4 6 7 30 0.233 755 905 0.834

FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup Highlights

Tournament Leading Scorers


1 Fernando Hernandez (Cuba) 225 points

2 Michal Lasko (Italy) 222 points  

3 Maxim Mikhaylov (Russia) 185 points  

4 Ahmed Abdelhay (Egypt) 178 points

4 Wilfredo Leon Venero (Cuba) 178 points  



Top Scorers by Day

November 20: 26 – Michal Lasko (Italy) v Russia

November 21: 21 – Zbigniew Bartman (Poland) v Serbia and Tatsuya Fukuzawa (Japan) v Argentina    

November 22: 27 – Michal Lasko (Italy) v Brazil  

November 24: 26 – Bartosz Kurek (Poland) v Iran  

November 25: 25 – Michal Lasko (Italy) v USA   

November 27: 30 – Ahmed Abdelhay (Egypt) v Japan  

November 28: 25 – Michal Lasko (Italy) v Serbia      

November 29: 28 – Maxim Mikhaylov (Russia) v Cuba 

December 2: 27 – Fernando Hernandez Ramos (Cuba) v China  

December 3: 26 – Zbigniew Bartman (Poland) v Brazil

December 4: 25 – Fernando Hernandez Ramos (Cuba) v Egypt and Michal Lasko (Italy) v Iran

Top Blocking Performances
7 – Alexander Volkov (RUS) v Italy on Nov. 20

7 – Michal Lasko (ITA) v Brazil on Nov. 22

7 – Marcin Mozdzonek (POL) v Japan on Nov. 25

7 – Clayton Stanley (USA) v Iran on Nov. 27

7 – Cristian Savani (ITA) v Poland on Dec. 2

6 – Piotr Nowakowski (POL) v Serbia on Nov. 21

6 – Alexander Butko (RUS) v USA on Nov. 22

6 – Sebastian Solé (ARG) v Cuba on Nov. 24

6 – Yusuke Ishijima (JPN) v Serbia on Nov. 24

6 – Alireza Nadi (IRI) v Egypt on Nov. 28

6 – Isbel Mesa Sandobal (CUB) v Brazil on Nov. 28

6 – Sidnei dos Santos Jr. (BRA) v Iran on Dec. 2

6 – William Priddy (USA) v Cuba on Dec. 3

6 – Yassel Perdomo Naranjo (CUB) v Egypt on Dec. 4


Top Service Ace Performances

6 – Bartosz Kurek (POL) v Iran on Nov. 24

5 – Clayton Stanley (USA) v Iran on Nov. 27

4 – Maxim Mikhaylov (RUS) v China on Nov. 21

4 – Ivan Zaytsev (ITA) v Brazil on Nov. 22

4 – Sergey Tetyukhin (RUS) v Brazil on Nov. 24

4 – Luciano De Cecco (ARG) v Iran on Nov. 25

4 – Nikolay Apalikov (RUS) v Cuba on Nov. 29

4 – Jakub Jarosz (POL) v Russia on Dec. 4

Highest Set Score

41-39 – Italy v USA (Set 1) on Nov. 25



Highest Scoring Match
220 – Italy beat USA 3-1 (41-39, 25-22, 22-25, 25-21) on Nov. 25

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FIVB Men's World Cup depth proving accurate according to fourth round Site B coaches

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Ball calls for US changes

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Knipe says first set key to victory over Japan

29.11.2011 12:55:53
Serbia's Miljkovic: We don't get a chance to play Brazil a lot, let alone beat them

29.11.2011 12:35:12
Miljkovic, Nikic help Serbia steal a win from Brazil

29.11.2011 12:21:15
U.S. take marathon first set, claim victory over Japan

29.11.2011 09:49:11
Italy coach: The first set was a fight, but I'm proud we controlled the game

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Japan beat China for second straight victory

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Every point against Cuba is a difficult one, says Brazil's Giba

28.11.2011 09:33:21
Cuba play giant-killers again, knocking off Brazil in five

28.11.2011 09:11:14
Anastasi pleased with consistent performance in win over US

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Poland power past USA in straight sets

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Scouting community grows in volleyball

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Hamamatsu is music to the ears of FIVB

28.11.2011 05:14:04
Velasco express concern over World Cup schedule

28.11.2011 05:11:43
Against Russia you can't make mistakes, says Argentina's Quiroga

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Russia ride Mikhaylov for sixth win, downing Argentina

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Cuba-Brazil headline day seven of the FIVB Men’s World Cup schedule

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Top three remain unchanged as Japan score first win in Fukuoka

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25.11.2011 14:43:56
Expected FIVB Men's World Cup tournament field depth and balance proving true

25.11.2011 13:48:26
Anastasi content with another victory

25.11.2011 13:35:36
We were solid to handle this fight in the first, says Italy coach Berruto

25.11.2011 13:00:01
Lasko leads Italy past USA in long four-set battle

25.11.2011 12:40:37
Poland rally to keep Japan winless

25.11.2011 09:42:05
I hope this point doesn't hurt at the end, says coach Rezende

25.11.2011 09:21:04
Brazil rides their bench to beat China, but lose a point in the process

25.11.2011 09:19:01
Samuels says strength in total game keyed victory

25.11.2011 08:53:09
Cuba deal Serbia another defeat

25.11.2011 08:13:49
Fayazi: Playing with the best players is good for my energy

25.11.2011 06:53:19
Japan-based Iranian fans cheer on their heroes to fulfill Olympic dream

25.11.2011 05:52:26
Velasco credits team for all-around effort

25.11.2011 05:28:51
We were focused and rebounded well, says Russia coach Alekno

25.11.2011 05:19:30
Iran down Argentina for fourth victory

25.11.2011 05:01:39
Russia return to win column, but Egypt score moral victory

25.11.2011 01:16:27
Day five FIVB Men’s World Cup to finalize original round robin groups

24.11.2011 17:11:29
Final Olympic spot will come down to Italy and Poland - Zorzi

24.11.2011 16:06:51
Brazil back on top as Russia and Poland lose aura of invincibility

24.11.2011 13:59:42
Kolakovic says game with Japan was must win for Serbia

24.11.2011 12:51:26
Serbia outlast Japan in dramatic five-setter

24.11.2011 12:24:33
We were overwhelmed, says China coach after loss to Italy

24.11.2011 12:14:51
Italy's serving, super-sub Sabbi beats China in straight sets

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A success story, on and off the court: Shunichi Kawai

24.11.2011 05:38:42
Samuels says experience made difference for Argentina

24.11.2011 05:36:00
This is a good match to build on, says USA coach Knipe

24.11.2011 05:25:13
Stanley is aces as USA bounce back over Egypt

24.11.2011 04:49:32
Argentina storm back to defeat Cuba

23.11.2011 22:49:35
Osaka, Kumamoto take center stage for FIVB Men’s World Cup

23.11.2011 14:40:24
FIVB World Cup - A wonderful celebration of spirit and sporting endeavor

23.11.2011 14:03:32
Mentor and former protégé cross their ways in Osaka

23.11.2011 10:37:27
I hope we can recover the energies we need, says coach Rezende

22.11.2011 17:20:19
Getting to know: Japan star Kunihiro Shimizu

22.11.2011 14:52:15
Three female referees whistling during FIVB Men’s World Cup

22.11.2011 14:02:31
Italy score amazing win over Brazil while Russia and Poland maintain perfect record

22.11.2011 13:14:10
Samuels content with two victories in Nagoya

22.11.2011 12:39:03
We can be proud of this win, says Russia coach Alekno

22.11.2011 12:09:16
With Butko blocking beautifully, Russia remain perfect

22.11.2011 12:08:50
Cuba keep Japan winless with straight sets victory

22.11.2011 11:05:30
Poland’s Zygadlo anticipates tough competition ahead

22.11.2011 10:04:44
Playing Brazil is always a fantastic thing, says Italy coach Berruto

22.11.2011 09:47:12
Italy survive a game of errors with Brazil

22.11.2011 09:35:25
Anastasi says determination made difference for Poland

22.11.2011 09:02:28
Poland rally past Argentina to remain unbeaten

22.11.2011 07:59:31
Iranian youngster makes impressive World Cup debut

22.11.2011 05:59:01
Velasco says victory over Serbia meaningful to Iran

22.11.2011 05:50:45
Victory a gift to the Egyptian people, coach El-Shemerly says

22.11.2011 05:19:11
Iran deal Serbia third straight loss

22.11.2011 05:19:07
Egypt's Abdelhay leads against China, with super-setter support

22.11.2011 03:21:57
Nikola and Uros Kovacevic prolong Serbian tradition of "Volleyball brothers"

22.11.2011 03:13:47
Brazil's Giba uses own success to help others

21.11.2011 23:41:16
FIVB World Cup Day 3: Undefeated Poland-Argentina Go Head-to-Head

21.11.2011 15:34:54
Brazil, Russia and Poland set the pace at FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup in Japan

21.11.2011 13:50:24
Weber says spirit of team keyed rally to victory

21.11.2011 12:53:01
Argentina best Japan in five-set thriller

21.11.2011 12:40:51
Russia is such a strong team, says China coach Zhou

21.11.2011 12:29:19
Mikhaylov serving sharp against China in Russia's second win

21.11.2011 11:32:37
Bartman keeps strong faith in his team

21.11.2011 09:44:31
Serving was the key point in this match, says Brazil coach Rezende

21.11.2011 09:38:29
Anastasi pleased after second straight victory

21.11.2011 09:10:14
Brazil block American ambitions for day 2 upset

21.11.2011 09:01:19
Poland battle past Serbia

21.11.2011 07:44:28
Leon and Hernandez need to work on blocking and defensive aggressiveness, says coach Samuels

21.11.2011 05:17:31
Italy captain Savani on first win: We'd like to continue this streak

21.11.2011 05:08:45
Cuba coach says star Hernandez is still improving

21.11.2011 04:41:46
Italy bounce back with team effort against Egypt

21.11.2011 04:25:21
Hernandez, Leon lead Cuba past Iran

21.11.2011 02:36:39
Double Olympic champion Saori Yoshida joins Japanese audience to support home guys

20.11.2011 23:43:37
Healthy Priddy back in form in short time for USA

20.11.2011 23:35:53
2008 Olympic Games title rematch highlights FIVB Men’s World Cup Day 2

20.11.2011 18:33:01
Nalbert predicts Brazilian triumph in Japan

20.11.2011 15:50:52
Japan lose opening match to Iran as Russia claim highlight of day 1 in Kagoshima

20.11.2011 14:01:48
Iran make World Cup comeback after 20 years

20.11.2011 13:28:22
Velasco: "We stuck with our plan"

20.11.2011 12:39:14
Iran rally for four-set win over Japan

20.11.2011 12:29:11
Brazil coach Rezende on win vs Egypt: They never gave up and that's very important

20.11.2011 11:55:12
Murilo leads Brazil in opening day win over spirited Egyptian squad

20.11.2011 11:41:47
New faces, new challenges for Egypt at FIVB World Cup

20.11.2011 09:46:08
Russia coach Alekno: Winning this first game is very important

20.11.2011 09:22:14
Italy misses the mark in opener against Russia

20.11.2011 09:00:15
Anastasi says concentration key to victory

20.11.2011 08:34:04
Poland score surprise win over Cuba

20.11.2011 07:10:37
Facundo Conte a star in his own right

20.11.2011 05:50:33
Happy to start with three points, USA coach Knipe says

20.11.2011 05:32:09
United States' Anderson aces China to open FIVB World Cup

20.11.2011 04:47:28
Weber says Argentina played 'perfect game'

20.11.2011 04:23:24
Argentina rout Serbia in first-round opener

20.11.2011 01:40:07
Legendary Julio Velasco leads up-and-coming Iranian force

19.11.2011 15:01:14
Depth in Kagoshima creates World Cup first round challenges

19.11.2011 12:51:55
FIVB World Cup to bring joy and hope to Japanese people

17.11.2011 15:51:49
Anastasi says podium is minimum goal for Poland

17.11.2011 09:11:01
Nagoya ready for start of FIVB World Cup

15.11.2011 16:00:54
Italy ready for Men's World Cup showdown says Berruto

15.11.2011 05:23:22
Men's volleyball stars prepare for Nagoya start in Men's World Cup

15.11.2011 04:28:10
Kagoshima set to host talented Men's World Cup teams with Olympic dreams at stake

11.11.2011 13:21:49
Argentina men countdown to World Cup

25.10.2011 16:10:46
World Cup Media Guide launched online

14.10.2011 15:58:54
Full World Cup schedule announced by FIVB

12.10.2011 12:41:01
World Cup preliminary squads unveiled

05.10.2011 12:27:19
Match pairings released for World Cup

05.10.2011 06:53:06
World Cup wild cards announced

30.09.2011 16:18:02
Ten of 12 Men’s World Cup teams confirmed

30.09.2011 09:25:28
Iran claim Asian title to earn World Cup ticket

30.09.2011 05:27:21
Egypt book World Cup berth with African Championship triumph

29.09.2011 10:59:32
China and Iran set to clash in gold medal match of Asian Men’s Championship

29.09.2011 00:03:21
Egypt and Cameroon set to clash in Men’s African Nations Championship final

28.09.2011 09:18:34
Iran delight home fans as they book semifinal place in Asian champs

27.09.2011 10:42:28
Iran, Australia lead Asian Men’s Championship quarterfinals

26.09.2011 09:29:30
Iran, Australia continue to dominate Asian Men’s Championship

25.09.2011 20:34:56
Brazil book place in World Cup with South American Championship win

24.09.2011 01:12:13
Iran, Japan, China and Australia top pools in Asian Men’s Championship

23.09.2011 15:15:29
Chile pick up first victory as Argentina and Brazil remain unbeaten

23.09.2011 15:02:40
Serbia greeted by thousands as they celebrate Euro success

23.09.2011 05:06:44
Five teams unbeaten in Asian Men’s Championship

22.09.2011 16:53:11
Giba reflects on 16 years of South American Championships

22.09.2011 16:15:26
Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship kicks off in Iran

22.09.2011 15:07:38
Favourites Tunisia and Cameroon set to clash on opening day of African Nations champs

22.09.2011 05:33:34
Venezuela pick up first win at South American Championship

21.09.2011 14:20:49
Paraguay begin South American Championship campaign with win

21.09.2011 07:07:23
Iran coach says home advantage does not guarantee Asian Championship glory

21.09.2011 06:41:45
Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championships through the years

20.09.2011 07:20:52
Argentina, Brazil and Colombia start South American Championship with victory

18.09.2011 23:49:57
Serbia crowned European men’s champions

16.09.2011 09:54:52
Poland gain revenge over Slovakia as semifinal berths decided

15.09.2011 10:03:02
Finland survive Slovenia scare while Poles break Czech hearts in EuroVolley 2011

14.09.2011 17:47:06
Iranian minister visits national team

13.09.2011 12:10:17
Preliminary round ends at 2011 EuroVolley

11.09.2011 04:10:22
World Cup place at stake in Asian Senior Men's Volleyball Championship

08.09.2011 11:25:04
Austria and Czech Republic countdown to EuroVolley

04.09.2011 14:38:28
Leon carries Cuba to Men’s NORCECA Championship and World Cup berth

03.09.2011 08:23:15
Cuba and USA to play for the gold at Men’s NORCECA

02.09.2011 17:41:21
Brazil bring in reinforcements for South American champs

02.09.2011 04:59:14
Cuba and Puerto Rico into semis of Men’s NORCECA Championship

01.09.2011 09:56:53
Canada and USA book semifinal berths at Men's NORCECA Championship

31.08.2011 09:49:16
NORCECA Men's Championship heats up

30.08.2011 09:47:58
Men's NORCECA Championship begins in style in Puerto Rico

29.08.2011 17:34:31
Brazil seal wins over Germany and Japan in South American champs prep

18.08.2011 17:03:30
Dante and Gustavo eager to get back on court

15.07.2011 15:07:08
FIVB President hopes for "new future" in Japan

22.06.2011 13:38:40
Morocco to host 2011 Men’s African Nations Championship

24.05.2011 11:48:47
FIVB confirms World Cup in Japan

16.02.2011 18:45:22
AVC finalises 2011 volleyball calendar