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FIVB World Cup: the best Women’s teams on the planet ready to compete in Japan, targeting the three first places for Beijing

Nancy Carrillo spiking for Cuba

Lausanne, 26th October 2007 – The 12 strongest teams in the world are ready for the competition. From November the 2nd to November the 16th, the FIVB World Cup will be played in Japan with a Round Robin system, representing the main FIVB event that will award the first three places for the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. The host country (Japan), five Continental Champions (Brazil, Cuba, Italy, Kenya and Korea), the four best Continental Vice Champions (Peru, Serbia, Thailand and U.S.A.) and the two teams invited by the FIVB and the organizers (wild cards to Poland and Dominican Republic) will travel through seven cities (Tokyo, Hamamatsu, Osaka, Sendai, Sapporo, Kumamoto and Nagoya) to fight for the podium.
Winning a World Cup medal means joining the already qualified China in the Olympic entry list, which at the end of the qualification process (by May 2008) will announce the 12 competing teams.

The heart of Asia
Like Norceca and Europe, Asia will compete with three countries. The qualification process for AVC has been peculiar, because Japan (Continental Champion) was already qualified as host country, whereas the Chinese team (Continental Vice Champion) can not participate to any stage of the qualification system, according to the regulations. As a result, Thailand and Korea, managed to take part in the prestigious World Cup thanks to their 3rd and 4th place. While Korea is a veteran of the event, having participated in all the 9 editions, for Thailand it is a brilliant debut. Beside the most experienced team members, the Head Coach Srisamutnak will show the best fruits of the Thai garden to a worldwide audience.

Aguero’s 15 of November
The conquest of the European Championship nominated herself as the new leader of the Italian team. The squad coached by Massimo Barbolini, in which many of the world champions 2002 are still playing, found in Taismary Aguero a fantastic driving force. The former Cuban setter, long time resident in Italy, where she got married, will face with great emotion her former mates, for the first time on the 15 of November in Nagoya.

New matches schedule
The first version of the Match Schedule broadcasted after the drawing of lots has been modified. Due to television requests, two matches of Brazil have changed their time schedule. The updated calendar is available on the FIVB website, under the menu "schedule" of the FIVB World Cup.



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