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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
We expected a tough game: Cruz

Press Conference of the match

Dominican Republic Coach Beato Miguel Cruz
As I said yesterday, we expected a difficult and tough game as we lost to Peru in the Pan-American Games. We were nervous and in the first two sets, we couldn't play well. Peru were playing well -- much better than they had done previously. As a result, and our own poor play, we found ourselves losing. But from the third set on, I was really pleased with the performance of my players.
After we lost the first two sets, we changed the formation because some of the players were nervous. We swapped No. 3 (Elisa Eve) for De La Cruz and Nuris Arias came back. She and Nunez blocked well; I thought we must stop Peru's Moy and we did that, so that helped us to win.
I haven't been happy with all my players in this World Cup. Some of them didn't perform as I think they should have done, so when we return home, we must reorganize the team.
We have only 30 days to prepare for the Olympic qualifiers so I must reorganize the team. We've had bad luck with setters this year, so I have to figure out who is best. Our previous setter will be recovered for the next tournament.

Dominican Republic Captain Cosiri Rodriguez
We knew it wouldn't be an easy game. Of course, we really wanted to win, but we lost the first two sets and it went to five sets. It was a really tough match, but in the end we could win. Winning this match was one of our objectives.


Peru Coach Enio De Figueiredo
In the first two sets, our strategy was working and things were going as we wanted. But each set has a different story. In the third and fourth set, the story changed. After the third set, we had a hard time receiving their strong serves and the Dominican team had obviously recovered their form. In the first two sets, it appeared as if either team could win.
To make a strong team, you need to have a proper amount of practice, but we couldn't prepare enough and that's why we couldn't do well in the World Cup. Without practice, you can't make a team. As a result, I have to say that I am satisfied with the performance of my team.

Peru No. 4 Patricia Soto
Today, we competed with our rivals the Dominican Republic and in the Pan-American Cup we won, but at present we are not at our best and must gather ourselves for the Olympic qualifiers. Our setter is young and inexperienced, but that doesn't mean she isn't good. We must improve all our skills.
Today, the Dominicans blocking was really good and very high and we had a hard time to attack it. Also, we couldn't do enough research on our rivals and we needed more.

(What learn from World Cup?) -- We think it is important to participate in this competition as all the strong teams are in it. We couldn't get the results we wanted, but I think we can look at it as a positive experience. We must practice more and establish a stronger team. It's been a good experience for our young players and we'd like to support all these players to create a better team.