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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Coach hails Italy as No. 1

Nagoya, Japan, November 16, 2007: Comments after the Brazil-Japan game on Friday.
Head Coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes: For us it is always difficult to play against Japan because sometimes you win the first set and maybe relax a bit in the second set and Japan come back with great defence, good attack and good combinations, and this is the way we lost the second set. In the third set we came back very concentrated and served in the right zone to break up the Japan reception. This is very important against Japan.
(On qualifying for the Olympics): I am happy to qualify because this was our target, but it is a pity because we came here to improve and win this tournament but we have kept the same position as four years ago. I have to say Italy did a very good job, took first place and is the top team in the world.
(On the World Cup format): It is always difficult to play 11 games in 15 days with the travel and the many changes. But this is the rule and in general the level of play has been good at this tournament. If I could suggest a change, I would say fewer cities – not four; three is enough for this kind of tournament. However, always the organization in Japan is excellent.
(On his choice of tournament MVP): All the players are at one level, but one player is at a higher level altogether – Aguero. There is no discussion. She is the best spiker, best defender, best server. She is incredible. It will be difficult to stop her at the Olympics next year. I think she is so good she can decide a game on her own, like a special soccer player. She spikes very high, and defends like a man the way she recovers the ball.
Captain Fofao: It was a very difficult game today because I think Japan is a wonderful team and I respect them. It is always difficult to play the game surrounded by enthusiastic supporters of Japan. I loved this World Cup in Japan because it was well organized. I am satisfied that we were able to reach the podium. From now on we will just try hard to prepare for the Olympics.
Head Coach Shoichi Yanagimoto: I have no doubt that what we have done in this tournament is right, but I realize there must be something wrong and something right. Our final position in this tournament is not what I wanted, so we will try to start from scratch. In today’s game I wanted each member to be more decisive or more effective in many phases. That is what we have to improve. Against a high level team like Brazil, I acknowledge some basic physical power is required, but in the schedule I have to follow it is not easy to increase the power of each member. I think our blocking should be improved, but we have developed our service – even though a good service did not always lead us to score points. That is a problem. To keep concentrated on the ball is the way we play. To find a good rhythm we should not let the ball drop on the court.
Captain Yoshie Takeshita: In this game we tried to use up all the energy we had left in this tournament. Next May we will try hard to get the ticket to Beijing.
Yuko Sano: The result of today’s game was all we could do. I think it depends on how much we will work out as to whether we will advance to Beijing.