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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Koreans were tough: Masacci

Press Conference of match Poland vs. Korea

Poland Coach Mauro Masacci
We found the Dominican Republic and South Korea were really good teams, but compared to Brazil, Italy, Cuba and the USA their level is different. The match against South Korea was not easy; in fact, it was very tough. The Koreans are very fast in their attacks and European teams are not familiar with such fast attacks. We hope to learn from our experience in our three matches in Nagoya.
(Strategy vs. South Korea and Thailand) -- Compared to Thailand, South Korea is at a higher level, so I think tomorrow's game will be easier. The level of South Korea is a bit like Cuba in the upper middle rank. The Thais are lower, so hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

Poland Captain Milena Rosner
I'd like to congratulate the Korean team because they played a very determined game and were very good in attack and blocking, and we couldn't stop them. They played really good. Our game wasn't so beautiful, but in the end we were able to win the match.


South Korea Coach Lee Jung Chul
Today, especially in the latter half of the game when the players were tiring, it was really tough physically, and the team lost concentration and couldn't set so well. Also, we had problems in defense. We couldn't prepare enough for this tournament and that is one of the reasons we lost. Kim Yeon Koung in particular couldn't keep her concentration and was tired. The Poles had an excellent attack, especially from the right side, and we couldn't match them.
(Re. Having an analyst) -- Our main analyst went home after the second round. Of course, we have analysts and try to make good strategy, but it hasn't worked so well. Poland had a variety of strategies and good attack and defense. We plan to work with more analysts.

South Korea Captain Kim Sa Nee
Today, we came close and if we'd concentrated a little bit more we might have had more of a chance.
(What did you get out of this World Cup?) -- We weren't able to practice well or prepare well for this World Cup, but as time has passed, we got into a better condition and it was good for the younger players, especially Bae Yoo Na and Kim Yeon Koung. But not just these two; this World Cup has been a good experience for all the young players.